Twist Braided Knotted Rope with Tennis Ball and Handle Tugging Dog Toy 15"



Made from natural cotton fibers, durable cotton ball dog toy is a fun long lasting accessory that your dogs will love. Perfect for fetching, tossing, and chewing, these braided ropes even help to clean and massage your pup's gums while he plays by fighting plaque build up and help prevent gum disease. Cotton toys also help redirect bad behavior such as chewing by giving your furry friend an outlet to gnaw on. Spending quality time with your dog has never provided so may benefits!

  • Material : Cotton Twist Knotted Rope Toy
  • Made from natural cotton fibers.
  • This Lightweight toy is sure to catch your pooch's attention. Your pup can spend hours on end chewing and tugging at this toy!
  • Extremely durable and toughly tied rope toy.
  • Can also be used as a chewing deterrent 
  • CAUTION: Please supervise your pet during playtime. Like any other toy, rope and fabric can become a hazard if ingested. Make sure to throw away any loose pieces that fall after being chewed or torn. Take away the toy if the pet will be left unsupervised.