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About Us

Head to Tail is a family owned business & was established in 2014. We're a team of true animal lovers based in Cliffside Park, NJ. It has been our mission to provide a safe & healthy environment for every pet that comes our way. We offer a variety of products & services to truly make your pet feel pampered! Our companions are only with us for a certain time in our life, but we are their entire life. We want to make it worth their while.

Our top priority is to treat your pet just like our own!

Location Services

We offer a wide range of services to allow your pet to have a relaxing spa day!  Every grooming & bath package comes with the shampoo & conditioner, nail cut, ear cleaning, expression of the anal glands, a standard hair brushing & a personalized haircut. 

We offer full or half day Daycare & a Montessori program for behavioral correction.

We also provide boarding services for over night stays.

Call us for more information! 

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