Meow Town Cat Pan Liners


From Meow Town™, a welcome addition to the litter box routine. Cat pan liners make cleaning up fast and easy. Just pull the drawstring closed, and dispose of the entire contents of the litter box in one simple motion. Meow Town cat products are durably constructed with active cats in mind. 

How To Use

  • Fit one-liner int the bottom of the litter pan, folding edges of liner over the sides. Recommended to fill clean litter pan liner with 3 inches of litter. 
  • For easy cleaning, lift the edges of the liner up and together. Secure used liner at the top, using the drawstring to cinch shut the liner. Dispose of the liner and contents with your regular garbage.
Product Detail
  • These tear-resistant Meow Town™ Pan Liners make for fast and easy cleanup.
  •  Their drawstring closure makes for tidy and convenient disposal.
  • Sized to fit most litter pans.
  • Ideal for multi-cat households.
  • 31"L x 17"W; thickness is 02". A 6 pack is available and a 30 pack.