Kong Cushion Inflatable E-Collar Premium Protective Gear, Size Varies


Kong Cloud E-Collar provides premium protective wear for pets of all sizes! This cloud is soft, comfortable, and it doesn’t interfere with a pet’s ability to eat and drink. This soft, machine-washable collar is a comfy, stressless way to help keep dogs safe while they heal. Perfect for injuries, rashes, or post surgery, all of which need their time to heal and be left alone. Recommended by Veterinarians worldwide!

  • Machine washable
  • Scratch and Bite resistant 
  • Will not mark or scrape furniture
  • Inflatable and uninflatable perfect for reuse and easy storage
  • Soft, comfortable, and hassle-free
  • How-to-use Instructions included

Breed Size Reference:

  • X-Small/X-Petit: Neck Circumference 6-8" (Toy Breeds, Cats)
  • Small/Petit: Neck Circumference 7-12" (Jack Russel, Sheltie)
  • Medium/Moyen: Neck Circumference 10-14" (Border Collie, Spaniel)
  • Large/Grand: Neck Circumference 15-20" (Labrador, Golden Retriever)
  • X-Large/X-Grand: Neck Circumference 20-25" (Rottweiler, Mastiff, Great Dane )

IMPORTANT: For larger breeds with longer limbs or breeds in between sizes, always measure one size up. Always monitor a pet post-surgery to ensure the collar is working properly. Some pes may be able to maneuver around any collar. Designed for pet use only. NOT intended to be used as a floatable device.