Dual Tennis Ball Knotted Bungee Cord Dog Toy


This dual tennis ball bungee cord dog toy is the best of both worlds! The bungee cord provides the best stretch experience for your pet if they love to pull their toys. Your pooch will love all the ways to play with this Knot Rope Toy. This knotted rope toy is strong and sturdy and features 2 colorful tennis ball on the end of a knotted rope handle. This toy perfect for tugging, chewing, and all the games your dog loves to play.

  • Colorful Dual Tennis ball action
  • Strong, Durable Bungee Cord Material that allows for maximum stretching
  • Perfect for tug-of-war, Chewing, or fetch!
  • Made of 2 tennis balls and a nylon stitched bungee cord for extra fun!