Pet Brush
Pet Brush
Pet Brush
Pet Brush

Pet Brush

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  • Helps maintain a smooth, shiny coat.
  • Effectively removes shedding hair, which helps keep your home cleaner!
  • Designed with a comfortable, easy-grip handle.
  • Features a dispense button, do you don’t have to pull hair directly from the bristles.
  • Suitable for dogs, cats and small pets!

Keep your furry friend looking and feeling her absolute best with the Dog, Cat & Small Pet Brush. Brushing your buddy’s coat regularly helps remove tangles, promotes shine, encourages good blood circulation and gives you a chance to check for fleas and other pesky critters. Brushing regularly can also help reduce shedding, keeping your home cleaner! This brush is designed with an easy-grip handle and comes with a dispense button, so you can dispose of the fur without having to pull the strands directly from the bristles.

Made In China
Sourced From China
Material Silicone, Plastic