[Cat toy] 3-color Fluffy Wand
[Cat toy] 3-color Fluffy Wand

[Cat toy] 3-color Fluffy Wand

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The Interactive Fluffy Wand Cat Toy swings your cat into playtime with stimulating textures that'll keep them soaring for more! This toy will keep them on their tippy toes. Bond with your kitty as they take flight after this wand's bundle of faux-fur ball that is super enticing!

Materials:  Faur-Fur, Faux-Fur ball.

  • Cat Teaser from Modern Luxe
  • Wand holds a bundle of faux-fur ball and a feather rope strand to encourage interactive play.
  • Bundle creates unpredictable movement that felines love.
  • The perfect way to strengthen your bond and keep your cat entertained
  • It comes in a variety of colors!