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PetSafe Bark and Activity Counter

Record your dog’s behavior while you’re away!

The Bark and Activity Counter is a diagnostic tool for veterinarians, dog trainers, and owners to distinguish between abnormal or inappropriate behavior or just normal day-to-day barking and activity. Abnormal behaviors might include separation anxiety, excessive owner-absent barking, and behaviors triggered by events in the owner’s absence.

The device, worn around the dog’s collar, can store up to 3000 sessions. After each session, the unit is connected to a PC or MAC and detailed charts are produced, showing the time of day and the duration of each barking and activity occurrence.

The dog wearing the Bark and Activity Counter should not be in close proximity to other dogs during sessions (so that the other dog’s barking is not detected).

Not for use with dogs under 10 lbs.

Recommended for indoor use only.


  • Collar device collects vocalization and activity data
  • Records up to 3000 sessions of 99 minutes each
  • Compatible with PC and MAC systems
  • Downloads data in convenient chart for easy analysis and tracking