Soft Plush Faux Fur Doughnut Pet Bed 24"


This faux fur round plush bed is the perfect shape for kittens, puppies, and especially senior pets to curl up and simply lounge around in. This bed provides maximum comfortability for pets with joint issues or those who simply are lazy. Raised bolsters to give your pet a place to rest their little paws and tired head. This bed is perfect for pets that love a soft sleeping area. Filled with polyester filling providing a cloud experience and covered in faux fur that boosts the comfort. This Bed fits almost anywhere and is machine washable!

  • Sunken plush bed perfect for pets who love to furrow into their beds
  • Soft, soothing suede for maximum comfort even for senior pets. 
  • Size: 24"
  • Material: Polyester, Suede, Faux Fur
  • Machine Washable