Paris Dog Embroidered Orange Carrier - Small Dogs and Cats


This tangerine orange Paris Dog embroidered carrier is the perfect ride for a pampered pup. This high-quality piece is a smoothed down luxury leather with fashionable accents. This bag has a black mesh "window" so your dog can see the outside world while being comfortable. It has an accessible opening on the front of the carrier with a cute patch and another opening on the side. The other side has a pocket that can hold spare change or treats for your pup. The back of the carrier has "Paris Dog" embroidered on in some neutral colors. For added pizzazz! The top of the carrier has a handle with a strap that says "Paris Dog". The carrier can be opened to lay flat for easy cleaning. The inside of the carrier is a spacious and breathable area that includes a built-in carrier strap that secures to your dog's collar. Keeping your companion safe and sound no matter where you go!

Material: Smoother Leather, Nylon, Patches, Mesh

Color: Tangerine Orange, Neutral Brown, Black. Hints of Neautral Yellow, Grey, Brown, Orange, Beige. 

Patches: Hanger with "Paris Dog", P, A, R, I, S, D, O, G, Diamond, and Heart.

Product Detail

  • Comfortable and safe for your pets.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Spacious and Breathable
  • Recommended for small dogs and cats.