Lightweight Mesh Eye wear for Dogs - UV Filtered Protection


Only the inventors of  Doggles Mesh Eyewear could bring you this innovative product! Here is the newest alternative in dog eye protection. The mesh eyewear is breathable and still protects your pet from the sun's UV rays. The best part it doesn't impair your dog's vision. The mesh eyewear is made of breathable UV mesh that filters out 50/60 of UV rays while allowing for all-day wear. It doesn't impair your dog's 270 degrees of vision not 180 degrees like humans. Elastic and adjustable straps hold the eyewear in place comfortably. This mesh eye protection for dogs is ideal for pets with medical conditions, or dogs working in the field It protects against abrasions and poking injuries This screen material for dog's eyes also guards against insects and blowing debris.

  • Made of Breathable Mesh that doesn't impair your dog's vision.
  • Can be used as a post-surgery eye injury protection, from the sun's harsh rays, or simply from insects and random debris.
  • Perfect for senior pets that have trouble with their eyes
  • Allows for 270 Degrees of vision for dogs 

Size Reference: 

XSmall: 1-10 lbs, Head Strap and Frame 11"-15" Chin Strap 9"-10" Recommended for Chihuahua, Pomeranians 

Small: 9-25 lbs, Head Strap and Frame 13"-16" Chin Strap 12"-14" Recommended for Beagle, Westie

Medium: 20-60 lbs, Head Strap and Frame 18"-23" Chin Strap 15"-18" Recommended for Dalmation, Border Collie

Large: 50-100 lbs, Head Strap and Frame 20"-24" Chin Strap 19"-22" Recommended for German Shepherd, Labrador Retriever

WARNING: Never leave your dog unattended while wearing Doggles. This product is solely intended for the use of dogs, NOT HUMANS. Do not overtighten the strap or allow children nor pets to eat the contents of this product. If the product becomes damaged, discontinue use.