Guardian Gear Nylon Pioneer Soft Crate, Yellow XXS


Guardian Gear Nylon Pioneer Soft Crate is the perfect traveling item for you and your Pets! This crate comes with 2 side openings and a top opening for maximum visibility so your pet feels safe. The sides of the crate have a durable mesh that can be unzipped for easy in and out travel. The mesh is a grey color that allows your pet to see the outside world within the safety of this crate/tent. To open the tent on the top you have to unzip the Velcro liners which is a protective half detachable layer of nylon fabric and then open a zippered mesh opening. All sizes are lightweight and feature a carrying handle for easy transport! This tent includes a guide on how you can easily collapse the tent. 


  • XXSmall is Yellow and measures 19"L x 13"W x 13 12"H
  • Sizing Guide Measure dog's height to the shoulders, and length from chest to rear of the leg, then add 4"6" to each measurement so your friend can have max comfort.


  • The outer shell is made of durable, water-resistant, 600 denier nylon. 
  • Supported by a sturdy, fold-down, tubular steel frame.
  • Makes pet raveling easier than ever 
  • Perfect for camping trips to bring your little friend along
  • 3-sided/top mesh openings for maximum visibility, leaving your pet feeling safe a secure. 
  • Comes with instructions on how to collapse the crate and how to wash/clean it.

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