Guardian Gear Heavy Duty Classic Hammock Car Seat Cover


Travel made messless! This car seat cover fully covers the back seat, floor area, and the rear of the front seat so that if the car stops short, dogs will not fall off the seat. Made of durable, heavy-duty polyester to protect seats from dirt, scratches, stains, and pet hair.

  • Protects seat from dirt, scratches, stains, and pet hair. 
  • Includes covers to protect headrests and attaches to seats with bungee cords
  • Hammock-style design offers maximum back seat protection
  • Includes 2 slots for use with a car harness
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Care: Machine wash cold on a gentle cycle. Lay flat to dry.
  • Product Dimensions: 63"L x 55"W

Fitting Instructions:

  1. Place the cover on the rear seat so that the Guardian Gear logo faces the front of the vehicle. The end marked "T" on the back should cover the top of the seat. The end marked "B" should cover the bottom.
  2. Connect the to straps and lop them over the seat's headrest. Adjust the straps for a secure fit. Repeat this step for both the front seats and back seats so that it is attached to all four headrests. 
  3. If using a safety harness with a seat belt attachment, thread the seat belt through the hole in the cover.