Doggles ILS - Protective Eyewear Glasses for Dogs


Doggles Goggles for dogs are the first and only protective eyewear for dogs. Dogs need eye protection just as humans do, whether it is protection from the sun's harmful rays or simple protection from wind and debris. Doggles ILS are designed for dogs with a deeper lens cup, wider nose bridge, flexible frame, and a soft adjustable head & chin straps. Veterinarian Recommended! Protect your pooch's eye's as they can be sensitive towards the same issues as humans do!

  • 100% UV Block
  • Shatter Proof- in case anything harsh comes their way!
  • Anti-Fog for those hefty breathers
  • Adjustable Head & Chin straps for a perfect fit - and they're stretchy for no irritation!
  • Every Lens is replaceable! (not included)

Available in a variety of sizes & colors! 

Size Reference: 

XS: Fits dogs 1-10lbs/.5-5 kg 

S: Fits Dogs 9-25lbs/4-12 kg

M: Fits Dogs 20-60lbs/9-27 kg

L: Fits Dogs 50-95lbs/ 22-44 kg 

XL: Fits Dogs 90+ lbs/41+ kg

Instructions: Place Doggles on the bridge of the dog's nose. Place Strap imprinted with "Doggles" behind the head and under ears. Place the second bottom strap under your dog's chin. Then simply adjust buckles for a correct fit!

To Replace lens: Facing the front of the Doggles, the top of the left lens is imprinted with "ILS". Grasp lens, rotate down and click into the frame. be sure there are no gaps between the lens and frame and that the lens is completely in the lens groove. Rotate inward until the lens is tight and very secure. 

WARNING: Never leave your dog unattended while wearing Doggles. This product is solely intended for the use of dogs, NOT HUMANS. Do not overtighten the strap or allow children nor pets to eat the contents of this product. If product becomes damaged, discontinue use.