Cruising Companion Pawprint Single Car Seat Cover


Travel Made easy! This single car seat cover for pets gives them a comfortable, padded place to rest in the car. A soft pawprint-patterned fabric cover is perfect for the front passenger's seat or any single car seat. 

  • Protects seats from dirt, scratches, stains, and pet hair
  • Made of durable polyester with a distinctive pawprint pattern. 
  • Cozy cover fits single, buckle-style car seats
  • Adjustable straps and quick-release buckles allow for an easy fit. 
  • Material; 100% Polyester
  • Care: machine wash cold on a gentle cycle. Lay flat to dry. 
  • Product Dimensions: 42"L x 22"W 

Fitting Instructions: 

  1. Fit the cover over the seat. The end marked "T" on the back should cover the top of the seat. The end marked "B" should cover the bottom. 
  2. Connect the top straps and loops over the seat's headrest. Adjust the straps for a secure fit. 
  3. Fit the middle straps around the middle of the seat and buckle together.
  4. Secure the bottom straps around the base of the seat and clip in place.