Best Pet Supplies Puppy Training Pad 50 Ct



Best Pet Supplies Blue Premium Puppy/Training Pad 100 pcs 23" X 22". Best Pet Supplies Premium Puppy/Training Pads are made to be extra thick with an antislip bottom. BPS Premium Puppy/Training Pads mid layers are made with pulp from the US and Super Absorbent Polymers from Japan. They will quickly turn liquid into gel and locks them in the pad. Thus prevents wet paws and keeps the fragrance and cleanness of your house. Our unique diamond embossed quilt pattern will also direct moisture down and slows spread out of liquid which prevents leakage and increases the absorbent volume. On top of all that BPS Training Pads still have a back made with a strong water-resistant PE film and sealed edges protects your floor or carpets. We 100 Guarantee there will be no leakage.

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