3/4/5 Pet Step Stairs Beige with Black Paw-print Patterns



Have a small dog or puppy that has a rough time trying to hop on that comfy couch or bed then they'll love these foam pet stairs. Choose between 3-step, 4-step, and 5-step configurations to match your furniture's height and make life for your furry friend so much easier. But these aren't your ordinary dog steps, we've used a combination of the highest quality USA made foam and ultra-soft fleece fabric to create a ramp that is easy on your dog's joints, provides enough traction for a slippery-free climb and offers maximum durability. Now you don't have to come to the rescue every time your doggy wants to join you on the couch. Beautiful Touch, whatever your decor, no matter your color scheme, you'll find the right pet stairs from our collection to blend right in. Our foam pet steps come covered in a removable plush fabric that is available in light brown, with eye-catching paw prints. And the neatest part about it all is you can switch up the look whenever you want to.

  • NO MORE STRESS Our pet stairs are the perfect accessory for helping your little pup or kitty reach that high bed or couch.
  • The stairs for pets are available in 3-step is 13" high, 4-step 18", and 5-step 22" configurations to easily match your furniture's height.
  • DESIGNED FOR STABILITY A width of 15 and an anti-slip bottom makes these doggy stairs for small dogs very sturdy. Unlike wooden pet stairs for high beds that are rigid and slippery, our foam pet steps give your little furry friend great traction to climb up and down
  • USA MADE FOAM We've used the highest quality foam made in the USA to design these pet steps for small dogs. The premium foam makes the dog stool gentle on your pet's delicate joints while ensuring maximum durability Lightweight design of the portable pet steps allows you to easily move them from room to room
  • SIMPLE TO MAINTAIN The pet ramps for small dogs come covered in a removable ultra-soft fleece-like fabric that is machine washable. 
  • BLENDS IN BEAUTIFULLY Whatever your home's decor, you'll find the right doggy steps for pets to fit right in Our dog steps for couch and beds are available in dark brown, light brown, with eye-catching paw prints.
  • Gentle enough for use by pets with arthritis or joint problems. The outer cover is easily removable and machine washable. The soft foam prevents any painful moments in case you bump into the stairs. Can be easily moved from one room to another
  • Size : 3 Steps, 4 steps, 5 steps