BioGroom Silk Crme Rinse Dog Conditioner

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BioGroom Silk Creme Rinse Conditionerrepresents a completely new concept in creme rinse conditioning. It contains Chamomile, nature's own stimulating hair and skin conditioner in a new, superior Creme Rinse System specially developed by BioDerm Laboratories. The unique medicinal powers of the Chamomile flower and its natural extract have been known for centuries. Incorporated intoSilk, it leaves the hair with a beautiful difference. You can see and feel it instantlylively body, fullness, resiliency, and texture, exceptional sheen and silky feel. Moisturizes overworked hair, removes tangles to prevent damage from pulling and tugging, rinses out filmfree, and makes hair incredibly easy to manage. Controls flyaway hair, is pH balanced, biodegradable and has a fresh, clean fragrance. Designed for all colors, including white coats.

  • After shampooing and rinsing, apply an adequate amount ofSilkto the coat and work in well Rinse with lukewarm water For extra conditioning leave on for about a minute before rinsing May be diluted up to 1 part with 4 parts of warm water depending on the type and condition of the coat
  • Moisturizes, removes tangles, rinses clean leaving coats easy to manage
  • Conditioners derived from renewable Coconut Oils and Vegetable Fats Light Floral Fragrance
  • Size : 12 ounce